Windy Warner
ProCoach, Inc.,
Dallas, TX
Phone: 214-987-4212

"I work on the basics, focus on strategy, and improve self-
management and leadership skills in
Business and in Life."

Who I Work With

I work with people who want to feel more confident about themselves and their direction, excited about their prospects, and fulfilled in their work and life. My clients are successful and know that they can be and do better. They recognize that reaching out for support is a sign of strength and wisdom.

Many of my clients are independent professionals in the financial industry, managing owners of small and mid-size companies, as well as CIO's and other IT managers in Fortune 1000 firms.

My clients come to me for many reasons, but mostly because they don't want to settle any more. Some clients come to Business Life Coaching because they want to become more respected by and influential within the executive ranks. Some because they need to communicate more effectively with their team members or employees.

Others make use of Executive Life Coaching because they need to move to a less controlling management style.

Some just find it lonely at the top and find benefit in a sounding board for their strategies or preparing for difficult conversations.

Like many of my clients you may be:

  • Ready to take your performance and your business to new heights.
  • In a position where you need to influence people more than before, and you find yourself frustrated because your usual techniques don’t get the results you want. Formal power doesn’t exist or work any longer.
  • Having difficulty pulling yourself out of the day-to-day details, either because you don’t have the right team, you don’t trust them to get it right, or you’ve trained them to rely on you.
  • Recently promoted or hired, want to succeed in your new role, and could use some support to stretch into the role.
  • A functional expert (IT, Sales, Finance, etc) who relied on your technical skills to drive your success. As you move into higher leadership positions, or started your own business, those skills aren’t enough.
  • On a new assignment, bigger than anything you’ve ever done before. It’s highly visible and your career is riding on your success. You’re not sure where to begin and could use a confidential sounding board to help you sort through the mess while at the same time appearing calm, cool and collected to your team and management.
  • Getting older and wondering, "Is that all there is?" Is this what my life is going to be about? You’re good at your job — but you’re bored, or tired or both. You've lost your edge and your passion. You’re ready to take action, if only you knew where to start…
  • Ready for a change. Work is okay, but you’re bored, restless, and ready for a new adventure. Maybe it’s a major shift in direction, or just a move to a more invigorating and challenging environment. Your partner gets nervous when you bring up the subject. Friends and family offer lots of advice, but it just doesn’t fit YOU. What you really need is to be HEARD by someone who can provide a fresh perspective and not try to solve the problem for you, but help you figure it out for yourself.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results. ~Albert Einstein

Is Executive Coaching for you?

In my experience clients who get the most out of Executive Coaching have the following tendencies:

  • You have aspirations that motivate you and you are committed to work.
  • You are able to be brutally honest with yourself and the coach, even when it’s uncomfortable.
  • You recognize that to get different results you must do things differently.
  • You are willing to take responsibility for your contribution to a situation and are open to choosing an alternate path.
  • You are open to trying out new approaches and behaviors.
  • You understand that there is no quick fix.

The coach provides the tools and steps. The client supplies the motivation to take action.

Partial Client List

I have had the honor of working with clients from the following organizations.

  • Atari
  • Bank of America
  • BJ Services
  • Blockbuster
  • Columbia House/BMG
  • Footstar
  • Edge Technologies
  • EDS
  • Harris Financial Group
  • IBM
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Saber
  • Verizon