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"I work on the basics, focus on strategy, and improve self-
management and leadership skills in
Business and in Life."

Executive Coaching

Beware the barrenness of a busy life. ~Socrates

What results can you expect from coaching?

Results vary from person to person, but clients tend to get several of the following benefits from our work together:

  • Greater sense of control over the direction of their work and life
  • More confidence in leadership abilities
  • Better relationships with bosses, employees, stakeholders
  • An understanding of and comfort in using different leadership styles
  • Better skilled at communicating expectations
  • Communicating more like a leader who inspires confidence in others

Additional benefits to working with your own private coach:

  • A safe place to "let your hair down" and talk about things as they really are.
  • A sounding board and creativity partner.
  • A person to tell the real story to who has no agenda.
  • A resource outside the corporate web in which you live.
  • Someone who can tell you things no one else dares.
  • A success partner dedicated to your career and personal well-being.

It is lonely at the top, and in the middle and at the bottom, but especially at the top. A coach can make it a lot less lonely!

What is Executive Coaching?

It is a

  • confidential,
  • professional,
  • collaborative,
  • business relationship

focused on helping you figure out and start creating what you really want in life and work.  In the process we focus on how you can perform more effectively so you can have less stress, more success, and more time for what matters.

The goal is for you to develop visioning, self-management, and communication skills that are designed to achieve identified results.

There are three key elements in a coaching relationship:

It is a process.
Leadership cannot be learned at a single event or seminar. Life cannot be changed based on a super-charged motivational weekend. For sustainable changes, one needs an ongoing individual process that requires focus, feedback and support.

It is confidential.
This is what gives it power: the freedom to speak without consequences. People always report that this is a critical reason they find coaching so valuable.

The agenda belongs to you.
I am there to support and challenge you in the pursuit of your objectives.

The coaching partnership creates an objective, self-reflective environment designed to explore issues such as personal integrity, self-confidence, decision-making, vision, strategies, judgment, problem-solving and personal performance.

By combining a coach’s observations and capabilities with your expertise, you achieve better and faster results.

If you are interested in learning more about executive coaching for yourself or others in your organization, I invite you