Windy Warner
ProCoach, Inc.,
Dallas, TX
Phone: 214-987-4212

"I work on the basics, focus on strategy, and improve self-
management and leadership skills in
Business and in Life."

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Coaching by phone no matter where you are.

Contact Windy at:
Address: 5919 Colhurst St., Dallas, TX 75225
Telephone: 214.987.4212
Fax: 602.801.2364

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Here's what will happen…

Our initial consultation will take place over the phone. I will send you an email with a few questions prior to the call. During the call we'll talk about your needs, goals and the issues you would like to address, and you can ask me questions about the process, my background and experience.

If after our initial consultation we both decide we are a good match and you choose to move forward, we will schedule an intake session and get moving!

If you would like more details on the process I invite you to read more…